Holm Huse - building low energy houses since 1965

Since 1965, Dansk Ejendom A/S has built more than 3,000 Holm Homes throughout Denmark.

Holm Homes are low-energy houses that satisfy the most stringent building regulation requirements and are built of high-quality materials that require minimum maintenance.

Tinby manufactures high-insulation PIR foam boards for Holm Homes' patented ISO-KON+ Element System from our production facilities at Sunekær in Søndersø, Denmark.


The product in brief

PIR insulation boards, which are used as insulating material in the façade elements in Holm Homes, are prefabricated at Tinby's production facilities at Sunekær in Søndersø, and are available on request in customised sizes for clients' specific construction projects.

The PIR foam is mixed using a special formula which includes fire retardants and self-extinguishing chemicals. The formula produces a cellular plastic material that binds an insulating gas, thereby rendering the finished façade elements resistant to airflow, in a similar fashion to mineral wool.

The insulating effect is encapsulated between the cells and remains there for the product's lifetime. With a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK, it achieves the high insulation performance that Holm Homes are known for, using a significantly thinner layer of insulation than with other comparable products.


  • What the customer says

    “PIR foam was the perfect choice as the insulating material for our energy-friendly homes,. We are able to achieve a U-value of 0.08W/mK, which means the material meets the insulation requirements of the future, making it easy to attain an A20 energy labelling without the use of technical aids.”

    Lars Holm
    Director, holmhuse.dk





    Would you like to learn more about polyurethane and other solutions we offer?

    We have the material, the technical know-how and the manufacturing facilities. 

    Contact Tinby Skumplast A/S for further information about PUR foamed plastics and the solutions we offer:


    Kim Hansen

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